Managing for Happiness


Fire Insurance

Advising and assisting clients in all type of asset insurance, fire and explosion insurance, home insurance, etc. to minimize the value of losses when losses...
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Financial management

Annual budget for operation of the building: - Turnover - Additional services - Service charge - Energy consumption...
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Risk Management

Risk Warning, Legal Execution of Building Insurance Application...
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24/24 Call Center

24/24 hotline service to timely receive feedback and handle emergency problems from customers, ensure all customer...
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Management, monitoring services

Select, inspect, evaluate, supervise and administer all the services provided by outsourced company such as cleaning, security, care for landscape service......
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Operate technical systems

Operate technical systems and ensure the normal operation of the systems by: - Establish technical operation procedures according to the characteristics and...
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Customer Care Services

Regularly training staff on customer care, providing life support services to residents such as maid, moving house...
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