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Anabuki NL Housing Service Vietnam received the “Special Recognition Awards for Property Management Businesses Vietnam 2021”

Recognizing the growth in revenue and the number of projects managed, Anabuki was officially honored in the special category "Special Recognition Awards for Property Management Businesses Vietnam 2021."

Anabuki NL Housing Service Vietnam Company has joined the Vietnamese market of building operation management and real estate brokerage since 2012, Anabuki NL is a company established on the basis of cooperation between Anabuki Group Japan. and Nam Long Investment Joint Stock Company. The company's service is a combination of local knowledge and advanced skills, experience and technology cultivated during nearly 60 developments by Japan's leading Real Estate Corporation.

Anabuki has the strength of optimizing the operation and management process by the management software system developed by the parent corporation and a reputable technology company in Japan. In the period of 2018 - 2020 Anabuki has scored in the real estate management market in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City with the number of trusted customers increasing 4 times. Having received the trust and entrustment of many investors and residents, Anabuki currently manages large projects such as: Waterpoint compound area, Mizuki Park apartment, Akari City apartment, New City apartment and The Goldview apartment...

In early 2021, the company officially entered the Hanoi market despite the difficulties from the epidemic that were stopping many other competitors in the game. Anabuki always works according to the motto "Management for happiness" has been and continues to develop outstanding quality projects for the Vietnamese market.

The steady progress of Anabuki NL Housing Service Vietnam comes from the group's development motto "for happiness". For us, "happiness" must come from the peace of mind and trust of customers, employees and partners with comprehensive and comprehensive real estate services.

In the management and operation of products and services, Anabuki always puts itself in the position of customers to provide services:

Cooperate with a technology corporation in Japan to develop internal operation management software, control service quality, directly connect component projects to the main office to quickly resolve requests. from customers.

Conduct annual Customer Satisfaction (CS) and Loyalty Survey (NPS) in order to promptly record reviews and improve quality in line with the actual needs of residents.

Regarding personnel, Anabuki annually creates favorable conditions for managers at all levels to study and train at the parent corporation in Japan. The policy to support training costs applies to all employees who have the need to study and improve their own capacity. The KAIZEN program empowers each employee to contribute ideas for improvement, promoting initiative in work. In addition, all employees working at the company are fully trained in the operating philosophy, corporate culture and professional skills in order to serve and bring customers service from the heart. 

With the philosophy of sustainable development, Anabuki also regularly organizes and accompanies programs to spread values to the community:

Fire protection seminars and training activities at Flora Mizuki apartment and Skyline apartment building

Self-defense training activities for children at Splendor apartment building

The steady progress and relentless dedication to the community have helped Anabuki win the title of "Special Recognition Awards for Property Management Businesses Vietnam 2021" Dot Property Vietnam Awards.

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